5 Uses For Networks

By | July 2, 2018

Ways that Social Media Can be Used to Create a Strong and Trusted Brand

Social media has become one of the major ways in which people connect with individuals, brands, and groups. With a million users signed up for Facebook and Twitter alone, many businesses realize the need of having to build a social media marketing strategy that will help in promoting their brand as well as building a strong relationship with their customers. Here are some ways that small businesses can employ social media to build their brand and engage with their followers.

Share your Product Descriptions with the Followers
Many new enterprises are selling products that are perhaps not quite well known yet, and they require a boost off the ground. One sure way of having people be aware of your product and know how to use it is by creating a product demonstration video. The video can be posted on YouTube and then share it on all your social media platforms to reach all your clients. Introduce the product and then take the viewers through the steps of using it and what it does to have them gain a better understanding of your brand and the items that you offer.

Encourage the Customers to take Part
For best social media marketing results, ensure that you engage with your clients and offer then an opportunity to be a key part of building your brand. You can create polls and surveys that your followers fill, and from these you can identify what they think of your social media profiles, as well as your products and services.

Have Customer Contests and Rewards
One of the best parts of marketing a business through social media is that the customer re-tweets, shares, comments and likes can go a long way. Most of the time, social media users won’t rush to share something unless they are getting something in exchange for doing it, or it is significant to them. One of the best ways to achieve this is by giving rewards and offering social media sharing contests for instance a “refer a friend” reward where new customers along with the existing followers who share a link get a discount on their next buy.

Offer Support to Good Causes
Along with displaying your knowledge and expertise on social media, use it as a platform where you can show the caring side of your brand. Use a social media poll to determine which charitable causes are most preferred by your customers, then using social media create awareness and even fundraise on behalf of the chosen charity. Customers today are not just looking for brands that support similar causes to them but those that also show a human side.