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By | July 2, 2018

Get an Online Custom Portrait

A perfect gift or keepsake to remember someone or something at that moment in time for many more years to come is producing a portrait, not photocopied but a genuine painting taken from an old photo. Custom portraits make up a beautiful memento, a unique housewarming gift or a perfect tribute to memorialize a treasured person or a beloved pet.

There is now an inexpensive and accessible way to customize portraits and that is via websites that make it their business to hire portrait artists to draw into painting, sketch or digital image from a requested photo. Take for example a custom portrait website, it can offer a directory of artists that can re-create a portrait which is a hand-made original. Even in an online portraiture commissioning, the material medium used for oil painting is canvass while for watercolor is paper. For commissioned sketches, the medium can be pastels, ink, graphite or charcoal but generally done on paper. Since the process is customizing, a customer can change the details of the old photo by requesting to remove or add a different background or whatever changes he or she requests to the artist. But to whatever changes will be introduced, the artist will certainly come up with an original piece of work.

To go over custom portraiture online, the process involves these basic steps: first is to choose an artist from the given category; second, make an order and send the photo; third, after being notified online on the date of completion, a preview period is provided to proof-examine the painting; finally, once the changes have been detailed, you receive your customized portrait on the agreed date. In most online portraiture, one highly requested aspect by the artist to the customers is for them to send a digital image of the photo that will be re-created into a painting. The best kind of custom portraits are those that are done in color because the effect looks more realistic. As a customer, be clarified as to how the artist will re-create the given photo, so that you can easily imagined the outcome, as some artists will provide many varieties of painting mediums, a mixed medium or a matte finish painting. Most websites, complete the customized order by framing the art work as well as providing a variety of frames to choose from.

One of the popular reasons why custom portraiture is becoming a trend is because of the effect it re-creates once the painting is done, which is that awesome presence once it is hanged on the wall. The popular edge of online custom portraiture is that a customer is guaranteed of an experienced and talented artist to do the art work, as well as being able to meet the budget of the customer.

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